ꕤkeiko! ꩜kokoswrld

★any prns {+neos} omniromantic pansexual
♯african american&mexican (mixed) fifteen non binary
☻reclaims the n word&the b slur
ᕱᕱ nd + mentally ill

📌plz TW/CW [email protected], g0r3, homophobia, transphobia, sh, vomit, nsfw, bugs, & old men/gen

ଘ (੭ˊᵕˋ) ੭ watermelon, pink, miya, y2k, gwsn discography, jrock, lavender, idkhow, aaliyah, cybercore, webcore, cats, spicy food, TLC, anime, prety girls☻

☹noo lgbtqia+phobes, ppl who invalidate neoprns and pansexuality, spiders(i have a phobia), judgemental ppl, non-gwsnpoppers, horror movies, sweet foods, k1lling [email protected], [email protected], & ingorant ppl

🔊BYF! curse a lot, talks about yeonjun 24/7, asks a lot of questions, moody, forgets to reply sometimes or i'm just not online, i'm okay with any nickname u give me, and i have a lot of unwanted opinions, no masculine terms, pls use tone indiacators!!

🔈DFI! u start drama for no reason, ur are poot (@destoryboys)/j, if u hate on popular things just because they're popular, if you anti anyone i stan, u fetishize queer ppl, ur an asshole for no reason, and if u can't tell the difference between pronouns and gender

Now Playing ... Oh No! by MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS%% ▶ One track mind, one track heart If I fail, I'll fall apart Maybe it is all a test Cause I feel like I'm the worst So I always act like I'm the best If you are not very careful Your possessions will possess you TV taught me how to feel Now real life has no appeal It has no appeal It has no appeal It has no appeal It has no appeal! I know exactly what I want and who I want to be I know exactly why I walk and talk like a machine I'm now becoming my own self-fulfilled prophecy Oh, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh!

loona vivi seventeen minghao txt yeonjun gwsn ot7 the boyz younghoon

lovelies 🎀
stray kids minho&felix!! bts jin&jhope!! ateez seonghwa!! dreamcatcher sua!! stayc isa!! fromis_9 jisun!! itzy lia&chaeyeong!! everglow mia!! red velvet joy!! twice nayeon&sana!! cignature jeewon!! day6 dowwon!! golden child jaehyun!! nct jaemin!! faky hina!! chungha!! hyuna!! sunmi!! heize!! sza!! tyler the creator!! kali uchis!! megan thee stallion!! doja cat!! tkay maidza!! aaliyah!! TLC!! idkhow!! glass animals!! yukika!! babymetal!! herosyn!! bibi!! polkadot stingray!! kyary pamyu pamyu!! ladybaby!! 1team!! reol!! ruannn!! kang daniel!! melanie martinez!! poetic narrator!! rina sawayama!!

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